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The Lunar Excitation

Howard and Raj try to find the perfect match for Sheldon. Seeing her moronic new boyfriend interact with the gang shows Penny that she can't go back to dating stereotypical dumb jocks after dating Leonard.


The Skywalker Incursion

When Leonard and Sheldon are invited to speak at UC Berkeley, they take a detour to try to meet an idol. Also, when Bernadette and Howard battle over the fate of his Dr. Who TARDIS, Raj and Amy offer to settle the dispute for them.

The Fortification Implementation

Howard discovers a family secret. Sheldon and Amy build a fort. Penny receives an audition for a Kevin Smith movie.

The Locomotion Interruption

Amy and Leonard take a surprise road trip to Arizona to retrieve Sheldon, while Penny goes on a job interview at Bernadette's company, and Howard has problems wrapping his head around Stuart's relationship with Mrs. Wolowitz.

Stuffed Animals and a Sweet Southern Syzgy

Sheldon and Dr. Linkletter struggle to solve an equation. Georgie has a solution for Meemaw's business woes. George Sr. gives advice on Missy's love life.

Ep 106 Road Trip

As they race against time, the Berneys struggle to survive a chaotic road trip to Manitoulin Island.

What's Tik Tok??

Special guest Parker Coppins.

Transplant CC DV
Ep 109 Under Pressure

Bash provides medical care to a friend who is reluctant about treatment. Mags deals with a young woman who seems to be withholding information. Theo is faced with a young athlete without a clear diagnosis.