A skilled emergency medicine doctor flees Syria for Canada, in hopes of finding his place in a new hospital and country.
Sunday July 21 st @ 7:00 PM - Ep 302 Baggage
Bash treats a man with a rare medical condition. Mags gets a visit from her parents, and goes above and beyond for a pregnant woman with an undiagnosed condition. A misunderstanding with a rabies patient lands Theo in trouble.
Monday July 22 nd @ 10:00 PM - Ep. 404 Decisions
Decisions are made about the future of the emergency department.
Sunday July 28 th @ 7:00 PM - Ep 303 Hospital Beige
Bash treats a woman whose ketamine therapy went awry. Mags loses confidence in her new boss. June realizes she has too much on her plate. Theo reunites with a young former patient whose life may depend on the death of another patient.
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