In the Dark

Murphy is a hard-living, hard-drinking, disaffected twenty-something with a penchant for cigarettes and casual sex. She's also blind. Murphy lives with her best friend, Jess, and (more reluctantly) her guide dog, Pretzel, whose presence she resents. Her parents, Hank and Joy, own a guide dog school, a venture they opened hoping it would give Murphy a job with some purpose. Murphy's closest friend is a teen named Tyson, whose kindness and intelligence are going to waste. Then she become the only witness to the murder of her drug-dealing friend. After the police dismiss her story, she sets out to find the killer.
Sunday August 25 th @ 10:00 PM - I Woke Up Like This
Murphy and Jess borrow the Guiding Hope van to search for Max, leaving Felix in a precarious position. Meanwhile, Dean receives some surprising news.
Sunday September 1 st @ 10:00 PM - Rollin' With The Homies
Murphy feels more isolated than ever on her first birthday since Tyson was killed.
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