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A singer-songwriter faces the realization that her career is coming to an end, while dealing with a breakup, conflict with her sister and her mother's health issues, so she decides to reinvent herself to reclaim her celebrity status.

Monday July 22 nd @ 9:00 PM - Ep 103 Weekend at Charley's
When Jann’s university-aged niece calls asking for her help with something, Jann and her mom Nora immediately rush to campus. But before Charley can make her request, Jann gets distracted by adoring young fans.

Monday July 22 nd @ 9:30 PM - Ep 104 Major Party Foul
When Jann learns her sister is planning a 75th birthday party for their mom, Jann can’t help but take over the party planning. She even blackmails an old friend into performing.