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World of Dance

Season 4 will feature an extraordinary new group of world-class competitors ready to showcase their talents for a chance to win $1 million and the title of best dancer in the world. Standouts include 15-year-old World Ballet Competition gold medalist Maddy Penney, Japan's Fusion Dance crew Chibi Unity, two-time Salsa World Champions and real-life couple Jefferson y Adrianita, and World Hip Hop Dance Championship gold medalists UPeepz. To up the ante, the new season will also feature a few programming twists. At the beginning of the competition, contestants will be under the impression that they’re performing one final audition for a panel of producers. In a surprise qualifiers twist, however, hopeful acts will walk onto the dance floor to learn that The Qualifiers have already begun and the judges are there to see them perform and determine if they have what it takes to make it to the next round. Other additions include the callback vote, in which the judges will each give a Yes vote, a No vote, or a Callback vote, which will give acts one last chance to perform and earn their spot in the next round; the blind battle, where the judges will now choose in the Duels round which acts go head-to-head (the acts won’t know their opponent until they hit the dance floor); and the revamped Redemption round, where a special surprise guest judge will decide which acts up for elimination will go head-to-head to earn the final slot in the Semi-Final. Executive producer Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough return once again as judges, with Scott Evans set to host the series.
Tuesday July 14 th @ 10:01 PM - Ep 407 The Duels 2
Tuesday July 21 st @ 10:01 PM - Ep 408 The Duels 3
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