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Live with Kelly and Ryan

After hosting "Live" with guest co-hosts for nearly a year, Kelly Ripa gets a permanent co-host -- and it's a name that is familiar to people: Ryan Seacrest. The longtime radio and TV personality joins Ripa, who has been a fixture on "Live" since 2001. While hosts have changed since the "Live" franchise began in the 1980s, the show's tried-and-true format survives. The show kicks off with Kelly and Ryan discussing what is going on in their lives and in pop culture -- with producer Michael Gelman often chiming in with his own musings. The episodes focus on the hosts chatting things up with their guests and enjoying performances by musical guests. Viewers also get a chance to win prizes -- usually vacations -- by correctly answering trivia questions posed by the emcees.
Wednesday October 28 th @ 9:00 AM - Weekdays
Thursday October 29 th @ 9:00 AM - Weekdays
Friday October 30 th @ 9:00 AM - Weekdays
Monday November 2 nd @ 9:00 AM - Weekdays
Tuesday November 3 rd @ 9:00 AM - Weekdays
Wednesday November 4 th @ 9:00 AM - Weekdays
Thursday November 5 th @ 9:00 AM - Weekdays
Friday November 6 th @ 9:00 AM - Weekdays
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