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The Goldbergs

Before there were parenting blogs, trophies for showing up and peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the '80s. For geeky 11-year-old Adam these were his wonder years, and he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy. Meet the Goldbergs ... a loving family like any other, just with a lot more yelling.
Sunday March 29 th @ 4:00 PM - Tasty Boys
Beverly wants to remodel their kitchen like the Kremps, but Murray isn't willing to do the makeover. So Bev devises a plan to do the work herself and do it in a way that forces Mur to fix it.
Sunday March 29 th @ 4:30 PM - Baio and Switch
Beverly runs into trouble delivering on a promise to Barry and Erica. Meanwhile, Adam finds himself caught in a dilemma when he agrees to take both his best friend and his girlfriend to the school dance.
Wednesday April 1 st @ 7:30 PM - Island Time
Sunday April 5 th @ 4:00 PM - 12 Tapes for a Penny
Adam schemes to get as many cassette tapes as possible from a mail-order music club, but when Beverly gets wind of this scam she points the blame at Erica.
Sunday April 5 th @ 4:30 PM - Magic is Real
David Copperfield inspires Adam to become a magician, mostly because it seems like a surefire way to impress a certain girl. Meanwhile, Barry discovers he's the only one not preparing to take the PSAT.
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