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The Big Bang Theory

Let us introduce you to four young and brilliant scientists who know just about everything but how to cope in the real world. There's Sheldon who is intellectually superior but can't and generally won't interact with the average person. His roommate is Leonard who is equally smart but just wants to be like everyone else -- happy and in love. Howard is an engineer who is constantly thinking of women -- who mostly ignore him. And Raj is a sweet Indian boy who's fear of women makes him mute in their presence. Enter a beautiful new neighbour named Penny who doesn't understand most of what these guys are saying but just might be able to teach them a thing or two about life ... and love.
Friday December 2 nd @ 1:46 AM - The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition
Penny feels threatened when another sexy woman moves into the apartment building and angered when she senses the guys are being taken advantage of.
Friday December 2 nd @ 4:00 PM - The Countdown Reflection
As Howard awaits blast-off, he recounts how the gang threw together a last-minute wedding for him and Bernadette.
Friday December 2 nd @ 4:30 PM - The Date Night Variable
Raj crashes Sheldon and Amy's second anniversary and interferes in Leonard and Penny's relationship. Howard gets caught in the middle of an argument between Bernadette and his mother.
Friday December 2 nd @ 7:30 PM - The Confidence Erosion
Sheldon and Amy try to eliminate stress from wedding planning by applying math to the process. Also, Koothrappali "breaks up" with Wolowitz after realizing his best friend is actually hurting his confidence.
Saturday December 3 rd @ 12:05 AM - The Hofstadter Isotope
A fellow comic book enthusiast's hitting on Penny leads to Leonard, Raj, and Howard going to a bar's Ladies' Night.
Saturday December 3 rd @ 4:30 PM - The Decoupling Fluctuation
Penny continues to have doubts about her relationship with Leonard. Meanwhile, Howard becomes the target of practical jokes on the space station.
Saturday December 3 rd @ 8:30 PM - The Solder Excursion Diversion
When Sheldon's beloved laptop dies, Amy takes matters into her own hands. But Sheldon doesn't appreciate her efforts. Meanwhile Leonard and Howard are caught in a lie with the girls.
Sunday December 4 th @ 12:05 AM - The Vegas Renormalization
Leonard, Koothrappali and Wolowitz go to Las Vegas, and Sheldon is locked out of the apartment, leaving him no choice but to stay with Penny.
Sunday December 4 th @ 12:35 AM - The Monopolar Expedition
Leonard gets ready for a three-month long science trip, and he and Penny come to terms with their feelings for each other.
Sunday December 4 th @ 1:05 AM - The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation
Sheldon feels betrayed when his friends alter his arctic-expedition data, so he takes off for Texas. The guys follow him, which kills Leonard's chance for a romantic meeting with Penny.
Monday December 5 th @ 12:05 AM - The Jiminy Conjecture
Sheldon and Howard consult an entomologist (Lewis Black) to help settle a bet---with their favorite comic books at stake---regarding a species of cricket. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny try to figure out what's next after an awkward first attempt at intimacy.
Monday December 5 th @ 12:35 AM - The Gothowitz Deviation
Howard takes Raj along to check out the Goth dating scene. Sheldon uses chocolate as part of a behavior modification experiment on Penny.
Monday December 5 th @ 7:30 PM - The Proton Regeneration
Sheldon goes head-to-head with Wil Wheaton for the role of the new Professor Proton. Also, Penny steps in to take care of Halley when Bernadette and Wolowitz both wind up on bed rest.
Tuesday December 6 th @ 1:55 AM - The Pirate Solution
Facing a return to India, Raj needs a job desperately enough to consider working for Sheldon. Meanwhile, Howard becomes a third wheel to Leonard and Penny.
Tuesday December 6 th @ 4:30 PM - The Re-Entry Minimization
Howard is offended when his return from space is met with little fanfare but he gets an even bigger surprise at home. Game Night turns into a battle royale between Penny and Sheldon.
Tuesday December 6 th @ 7:30 PM - The Matrimonial Metric
To discover who would be most qualified to be best man and maid of honor at their wedding, Sheldon and Amy subject their friends to a series of secret experiments. Also, Penny reveals her true feelings about Amy.
Wednesday December 7 th @ 1:55 AM - The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary
Sheldon looks forward to squaring off against the the one actor from the Star Trek universe he holds enmity towards—Wil Wheaton—in a fantasy collectable card game tournament. Wolowitz cashes in on an old pact with Leonard to get Penny to set him up with a friend of hers.
Wednesday December 7 th @ 4:00 PM - The Extract Obliteration
Sheldon and Stephen Hawking begin playing a popular online game Words with Friends. Meanwhile, Penny goes back to school by taking a history class at the local community college.
Wednesday December 7 th @ 4:30 PM - The Habitation Configuration
Sheldon is caught in the middle of Amy and Wil Wheaton's argument.
Thursday December 8 th @ 1:55 AM - The Cornhusker Vortex
Leonard, hoping to fit in with Penny's football-loving friends, gets tutored in the sport by Sheldon. Raj is infuriated when Wolowitz's skirt-chasing leads to the loss of his prized patang.
Thursday December 8 th @ 4:00 PM - The 43 Peculiarity
Raj and Howard try to figure out why Sheldon disappears at 2:45 every afternoon.
Thursday December 8 th @ 4:30 PM - The Parking Spot Escalation
Sheldon and Wolowitz's fight over a parking spot at the university impacts the whole gang.
Thursday December 8 th @ 7:30 PM - The Separation Triangulation
Koothrappali learns the woman he's dating has a very upset husband (Walter Goggins). Also, Sheldon rents his old room back.
Thursday December 8 th @ 10:01 PM - The Big Bear Precipitation
Sheldon, Amy, Leonard and Penny head to Big Bear and share a cabin. Meanwhile Raj interjects himself into Bernadette and Howard’s baby discussion.
Thursday December 8 th @ 10:30 PM - The Viewing Party Combustion
Everyone must choose sides when a small argument between Leonard and Sheldon erupts into a heated fight during a group get-together.
Friday December 9 th @ 1:46 AM - The Guitarist Amplification
Leonard and Penny's first big fight sees Sheldon playing mediator due to childhood trauma that's left him with an inability to be around loud verbal conflicts.
Friday December 9 th @ 4:00 PM - The Fish Guts Displacement
During a tense dinner with Bernadette's parents, Howard is hooked into going with Mr. Rostenkowski for his weekend fishing trip.
Friday December 9 th @ 4:30 PM - The Egg Salad Equivalency
Sheldon gets all the guys before the Human Resources Department when he tries to talk to Alex about her advances to Leonard. Alex's actions also make Penny feel insecure.
Friday December 9 th @ 7:30 PM - The Novelization Correlation
Leonard's book raises questions, and Amy guest stars on the new Professor Proton show.
Saturday December 10 th @ 12:05 AM - The Adhesive Duck Deficiency
With the rest of the gang off on a desert camping trip to view the Leonid meteor shower, Sheldon must play hero after Penny slips in the tub and dislocates her shoulder.
Sunday December 11 th @ 12:05 AM - The Vengeance Formulation
Barry Kripke pranks Sheldon during his spot on NPR, leaving him with a taste for vengeance. Wolowitz, pressured by Bernadette to define their relationship, gets advice from a fantasy version of Katee Sackhoff.
Sunday December 11 th @ 12:35 AM - The Gorilla Experiment
Penny seeks Sheldon's help to better comprehend Leonard's physics work. Wolowitz sees green when Leonard invites Bernadette to watch an experiment.
Sunday December 11 th @ 1:05 AM - The Psychic Vortex
Leonard is aghast to find out a secret of Penny's: she believes in psychics. Meanwhile, Sheldon tries to assist Koothrappali in picking up a girl at a university party.
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