The Big Bang Theory

Let us introduce you to four young and brilliant scientists who know just about everything but how to cope in the real world. There's Sheldon who is intellectually superior but can't and generally won't interact with the average person. His roommate is Leonard who is equally smart but just wants to be like everyone else -- happy and in love. Howard is an engineer who is constantly thinking of women -- who mostly ignore him. And Raj is a sweet Indian boy who's fear of women makes him mute in their presence. Enter a beautiful new neighbour named Penny who doesn't understand most of what these guys are saying but just might be able to teach them a thing or two about life ... and love.
Saturday December 9 th @ 12:05 AM - The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem
Sheldon, and his friends, are mystified when a younger undergraduate student is attracted to him.
Saturday December 9 th @ 8:30 PM - The Santa Simulation
The girls take Raj out to a nightclub to find him a date. A game of Dungeons and Dragons rekindle old memories of Santa for Sheldon.
Sunday December 10 th @ 12:05 AM - The Panty Pinata Polarization
When Sheldon bans Penny from the apartment for numerous minor infractions, she decides to retaliate. Howard and Raj search for the America's Next Top Model house.
Monday December 11 th @ 1:00 PM - The Communication Deterioration
When Raj is asked to create a message in case a NASA mission discovers alien life, the guys fight over what he should do. Also, Penny is torn between auditioning for a movie or keeping her successful pharmaceutical sales job.
Monday December 11 th @ 4:00 PM - The Meteorite Manifestation
Sheldon is thrilled to help Bernadette and Wolowitz navigate bureaucratic paperwork, until he discovers they are breaking the law.
Monday December 11 th @ 4:30 PM - The Donation Oscillation
Penny tries to throw a wrench into Leonard's plan to be a sperm donor for her ex-boyfriend. The gang turns Raj's canceled bachelor party into a couple's trip aboard the "vomit comet."
Monday December 11 th @ 7:30 PM - The Retraction Reaction
Leonard angers the university -- and the entire physics community -- after he gives an embarrassing interview. Also, Amy and Bernadette bond over having to hide their success from Sheldon and Howard.
Tuesday December 12 th @ 12:05 AM - The Lizard-Spock Expansion
Sheldon wants to use an alternate version of rock-paper-scissors to help resolve conflicts. A girl Wolowitz has a major crush on falls for Leonard.
Tuesday December 12 th @ 1:00 PM - The Graduation Transmission
When Leonard's flight to his alma mater is canceled, he uses any and all means to deliver the speech he was asked to give. Meanwhile, Raj's father threatens to cut off his money.
Tuesday December 12 th @ 4:00 PM - The D & D Vortex
The gang will do anything to join Wil Wheaton's celebrity Dungeons and Dragons game with William Shatner, Joe Manganiello, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Kevin Smith.
Tuesday December 12 th @ 4:30 PM - The Conference Valuation
When Penny and Bernadette go to San Diego for a pharmaceutical sales convention, Wolowitz is left in charge of the kids. Sheldon finds a book about experimenting on kids.
Tuesday December 12 th @ 7:30 PM - The Relaxation Intergration
As Sheldon stresses about picking a wedding date, Amy tries to convince him he has a more laid-back side. Also, Koothrappali and Stuart compete to win the heart of Bernadette's new coworker.
Wednesday December 13 th @ 12:05 AM - The White Asparagus Triangulation
Sheldon is overexuberant that Leonard finally has a girlfriend matching his high standards.
Wednesday December 13 th @ 1:00 PM - The Maternal Combustion
The fur flies when Leonard's and Sheldon's mothers visit to watch the boys present their award-winning paper. Bernadette reaches her limit with Howard, Raj, and Stuart.
Wednesday December 13 th @ 4:00 PM - The Laureate Accumulation
When competitors Pemberton and Campbell charm America on a publicity tour, Sheldon and Amy try to win over the Nobel laureates. Halley's fear of the dark leads to opportunity and conflict.
Wednesday December 13 th @ 4:30 PM - The Inspiration Deprivation
The weight of winning a Nobel Prize weighs heavy on Amy's shoulders. Raj and Howard try to relive the good old days after Wolowitz buys a scooter that looks like the one he had years ago.
Thursday December 14 th @ 12:05 AM - The Vartabedian Conundrum
Leonard seeks Penny's counsel when his relationship with Stephanie takes off faster than he'd like. Sheldon's hypochondriac tendencies get the better of him.
Thursday December 14 th @ 1:00 PM - The Commitment Determination
While facing relationship changes, Sheldon pushes Penny and Leonard to choose a wedding date.
Thursday December 14 th @ 4:00 PM - The Decision Reverberation
Koothrappali is worried people won't take him seriously after publishing a paper that suggests he may have discovered alien life. Leonard wants to be the principal investigator on a plasma physics study.
Thursday December 14 th @ 4:30 PM - The Plagiarism Schism
Kripke has proof that Dr. Pemberton plagiarized his thesis in college. Also, Wolowitz discovers that Bernadette wasn’t the only waitress at the Cheesecake Factory who had a crush on him back in the day.
Thursday December 14 th @ 7:30 PM - The Collaboration Contamination
Sheldon and Koothrappali confide in Bernadette when they can't handle Amy and Wolowitz working together. Also, Penny and Leonard learn new tactics for how to deal Sheldon from an unlikely source.
Thursday December 14 th @ 10:00 PM - The Holiday Summation
Sheldon and Amy visit Leonard and Penny for the first time since the holidays and share details about their terrible trip to Texas.
Thursday December 14 th @ 10:30 PM - The Celebration Reverberation
Sheldon and Wolowitz plan birthday celebrations for Amy and Halley, respectively. Also, Leonard receives a Christmas letter from his brother that causes him to spiral out about his own lack of accomplishments.
Friday December 15 th @ 12:05 AM - The Killer Robot Instability
Penny's criticism of Wolowitz's romantic life pushes him into depression and AWOL for a fighting robot battle the rest of guys are depending on him for.
Friday December 15 th @ 1:00 PM - The Matrimonial Momentum
After driving to Vegas to get married, Penny struggles with Leonard's confession that he kissed another girl. Also, Sheldon doesn't know how to act after Amy pushes pause on their relationship.
Friday December 15 th @ 4:00 PM - The Maternal Conclusion
Leonard is pleasantly surprised when Beverly comes to visit and she's genuinely kind to him, until he finds out the real reason she's there.
Friday December 15 th @ 4:30 PM - The Change Constant
Sheldon and Amy await big news.
Friday December 15 th @ 7:30 PM - The Proton Regeneration
Sheldon goes head-to-head with Wil Wheaton for the role of the new Professor Proton. Also, Penny steps in to take care of Halley when Bernadette and Wolowitz both wind up on bed rest.
Saturday December 16 th @ 12:05 AM - The Friendship Algorithm
Looking to get friendly with Barry Kripke to gain access to a piece of high-tech lab equipment, Sheldon develops a flowchart process to make friends.
Saturday December 16 th @ 10:30 PM - The Cooper Extraction
Sheldon leaves to be with his sister for her first child's birth. In his absence, the gang wonders what their lives would have been like had he not been part of the group.
Sunday December 17 th @ 12:05 AM - The Financial Permeability
When Sheldon loans money to Penny so she can pay her rent, it leads to Leonard coming face-to-face with her ex, Kurt.
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