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The Big Bang Theory

Let us introduce you to four young and brilliant scientists who know just about everything but how to cope in the real world. There's Sheldon who is intellectually superior but can't and generally won't interact with the average person. His roommate is Leonard who is equally smart but just wants to be like everyone else -- happy and in love. Howard is an engineer who is constantly thinking of women -- who mostly ignore him. And Raj is a sweet Indian boy who's fear of women makes him mute in their presence. Enter a beautiful new neighbour named Penny who doesn't understand most of what these guys are saying but just might be able to teach them a thing or two about life ... and love.
Monday September 27 th @ 12:05 AM - The Recombination Hypothesis
Leonard asks Penny out on an impromptu romantic date.
Monday September 27 th @ 12:35 AM - The Hawking Excitation
When Stephen Hawking visits Caltech to give a lecture, Sheldon goes to great lengths for a chance to meet his hero in person.
Tuesday September 28 th @ 7:30 PM - The Conjugal Conjecture
The gang deals with the awkward aftermath of an overnight liaison between Sheldon's mother and Leonard's father. Meanwhile, Penny's dysfunctional family is in town for the wedding.
Thursday September 30 th @ 7:30 PM - The Dependence Transcendence
Tensions rise when the boys struggle to complete their government project on time and Sheldon tries an energy drink to stay awake. Also, Penny and Amy go to a “party” at Bert the geologist’s house.
Friday October 1 st @ 7:30 PM - The Cohabitation Experimentation
When Amy's apartment is flooded, Sheldon agrees to let her temporarily move in with him.
Saturday October 2 nd @ 12:05 AM - The Long Distance Dissonance
The gang is concerned when Sheldon’s former admirer, Dr. Ramona Nowitzki, resurfaces while Amy is away at Princeton.
Saturday October 2 nd @ 5:00 PM - The Gorilla Dissolution
A trying day at the movie shoot leaves Penny with questions about her life choices, so she decides to act on it; and caring for a bedridden Mrs. Wolowitz proves a challenge for Howard and Bernadette.
Saturday October 2 nd @ 5:30 PM - The Status Quo Combustion
Sheldon gets caught up in all the life-altering changes going on around him and considers a monumental move.
Sunday October 3 rd @ 12:05 AM - The Brain Bowl Incubation
After a successful experiment combining their genes, Sheldon will stop at nothing to convince Amy they should procreate. Also, Koothrappali is embarrassed about the new woman he's dating.
Sunday October 3 rd @ 12:35 AM - The Holiday Summation
Sheldon and Amy visit Leonard and Penny for the first time since the holidays and share details about their terrible trip to Texas.
Monday October 4 th @ 12:05 AM - The Allowance Evaporation
Sheldon and Amy have their first fight since moving in together and Koothrappali is shocked at the realities of financial independence when he stops receiving support from his father.
Monday October 4 th @ 12:35 AM - The Gyroscopic Collapse
After Leonard, Sheldon and Wolowitz celebrate the completion of the top secret air force project, they are met with an unpleasant surprise. Also, Amy is offered a summer position as a visiting researcher.
Monday October 4 th @ 7:30 PM - TBA
Tuesday October 5 th @ 7:30 PM - TBA
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