CTV Movie

Saturday June 15 th @ 8:00 PM - Aurora Teagarden: Til Death Do Us Part
Just days before Aurora's wedding, a body is discovered, and she fears her father may be a suspect. Aurora and Nick race to solve the cold case before they walk down the aisle. Starring Candace Cameron Bure. (2021)
Sunday June 16 th @ 12:35 AM - Mortal Kombat (2021)
Hunted by the fearsome warrior Sub-Zero, MMA fighter Cole Young finds sanctuary at the temple of Lord Raiden. Training with experienced fighters Liu Kang, Kung Lao and the rogue mercenary Kano, Cole prepares to stand with Earth's greatest champions to take on the enemies from Outworld in a high-stakes battle for the universe.
Sunday June 16 th @ 9:00 PM - The Jungle Book (2016)
Guided by a no-nonsense panther (Ben Kingsley) and a free-spirited bear (Bill Murray), young Mowgli (Neel Sethi) meets an array of jungle animals as he embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery. (2016)
Saturday June 22 nd @ 8:00 PM - TBA
Sunday June 23 rd @ 12:35 AM - King Arthur (2004)
In this interpretation of the classic tale, Arthur (Clive Owen) is a cavalry officer in the Roman army defending Hadrian's Wall against rebellious Britons. He and his troops are expecting to be relieved but are instead sent on a risky mission to rescue the Roman family of Marius Honorius, who proves a despicable torturer of pagans. Arthur frees one of them, Guinevere (Keira Knightley), who in turn brokers a truce between Arthur and the Britons so as to ward off an invading Saxon army.
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