Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds revolves around an elite team of FBI profilers who analyse the country's most twisted criminal minds, anticipating their next move before they strike again. Each member brings their own area of expertise to the table as they pinpoint predators' motivations and identify their emotional triggers in an attempt to stop them.
Sunday August 25 th @ 1:05 AM - Flesh and Blood
Prentiss faces her past when the BAU is sent to investigate the murders of prominent businessmen, all of whom are missing their hearts
Monday August 26 th @ 1:05 AM - Beyond Borders
A family of four are abducted in Barbados while on vacation. When the BAU is called to assist the International Unit, the investigation reveals the case matches one in Florida a year ago.
Thursday August 29 th @ 9:00 PM - Starter Home
When the mummified remains of numerous victims are found in the walls of an elderly couple’s remote South Carolina home, Rossi, J.J. and Simmons are dispatched to track down a trail of clues that date back over 20 years.
Sunday September 1 st @ 1:05 AM - Night Lights
The BAU team heads to Portland, Ore., to investigate a chilling abduction that may be linked to a local couple killed in their home a week earlier.
Monday September 2 nd @ 1:05 AM - Chameleon
Rossi questions his actions in the aftermath of a struggle with a serial killer who appears to have outsmarted the BAU.
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