The Social

Co-hosted by Melissa Grelo (@melissagrelo), Cynthia Loyst (@cynthialoyst), Lainey Lui (@LaineyGossip), and Traci Melchor (@stayfabulous), the new Canadian talk series The Social is produced by Bell Media In-House Productions and brings a fresh, daily, perspective on up-to-the-minute news, pop culture, and lifestyle topics that matter most to Canadians. A socially interactive series, The Social incorporates viewer feedback and conversation through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.
Monday August 26 th @ 1:00 PM
Tuesday August 27 th @ 1:00 PM
Wednesday August 28 th @ 1:00 PM
Thursday August 29 th @ 1:00 PM
Friday August 30 th @ 1:00 PM
Monday September 2 nd @ 1:00 PM
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