Sullivan's Crossing

Following the gripping conclusion of the first season, Season 2 of SULLIVAN’S CROSSING opens just hours after Dr. Maggie Sullivan has learned about her father’s stroke, and her life is once again thrown into turmoil. Returning for Season 2 alongside Morgan Kohan as Dr. Maggie Sullivan, Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones, and Scott Patterson as Harry “Sully” Sullivan, are actor, singer and companion of the Order of Canada, Tom Jackson (CARDINAL) as Frank Cranebear; actor, singer, and songwriter, Andrea Menard (VELVET DEVIL) as Edna Cranebear; Amalia Williamson (BRIA MACK GETS A LIFE) as Lola Gunderson; Lindura (GHOSTS) as Sydney Shandon; Dakota Taylor (ZERO CHILL) as Rafe; Lauren Hammersley (VIRGIN RIVER) as Connie Boyle; Lynda Boyd (VIRGIN RIVER) as Phoebe Lancaster; Reid Price (THE SINNER) as Rob Shandon; Peter Outerbridge (DESIGNATED SURVIVOR) as Walter Lancaster; and Allan Hawco (JACK RYAN) as Andrew Mathews. Joining the ensemble cast this season are Michelle Nolden (HEARTLAND) as salon owner Alysa Mackenzie, and Cindy Sampson (PRIVATE EYES) as Jane, a divorced mom with eyes for Rob. Peter MacNeill (MOONSHINE), Joel Thomas Hynes (LITTLE DOG), and Jayne Eastwood (WORKIN’ MOMS) also guest star in episodes this season, as well as Meghan Ory (CHESAPEAKE SHORES) in the role of Cal’s sister, Sedona.
Friday July 26 th @ 10:00 PM - ep 206 Revelations
Maggie's world is turned upside down after she learns some devastating news about her stepfather.
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