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Dancing With Myself

"Dancing with Myself" stars Shakira, Nick Jonas, Liza Koshy, and Camille Kostek as Host. According to Shakira, the series will "offer people from all walks of life and all ages a platform where they can showcase their talents but also their passion for dance...They don't have to be professionals. Most of them aren't. The idea with the show is just to offer an opportunity and access to people from everywhere to dance and to show their true passion for dance." At the top of each episode, viewers will meet a total of 12 Contestants. Over the course of one hour, they'll each face-off against each other in a total of six rounds of competition: All Eyes on You, Freestyle Battle Round, The Dance Along, Duo Collabs, The Shake-Up, and Be the Creator. By the end of each episode one lucky dancer will be named the winner with the help of audience votes and guidance from the Creators (Shakira, Jonas, and Koshy).
Tuesday July 5 th @ 10:01 PM - Shakira Gets Down to Business
A doorman, a Vegas showgirl, an elementary school student and nine other contestants from across the country enter the "Dancing With Myself" pods.
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