Jonathan Wilson: Assignment Editor

Jonathan has spent decades in print and TV news – which makes him an expert researcher and archivist for TBT.  His off-hours include something he calls “cliff jumping.”  His kids call it “Dad pushing us off a ledge.” 

He's also known by some in the community for his time on "The Price Is Right."  That’s right, our hometown boy played the big game with Bob Barker back in 2000.  Did he win?  We’ll let him answer that:

Here are the 3 most frequent questions I receive about it:

 - I won living room furniture, a brass clock and a robot set playing the "Grocery Game"

 - The I.R.S. charges you 37% of the prizes' value, but I managed to get most of it back because I'm Canadian.

 - CBS ships prizes to anywhere in the U.S., so I had them send everything to Ryden's Store at the Pigeon River border.


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