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Shayne Pasquino, News and Sports Reporter & Weather Anchor

Shayne has quickly become known in the Thunder Bay community as the “bow-tie guy” for his signature collection and personal style on-camera.

After a failed start as a paramedic (he doesn’t like blood), Shayne decided to follow his sports idols instead.  Not just the players, the commentators.  So he trained at the College of Sports Media and did an internship at TSN as a video editor because “I just wanted to have a job where I felt like it wasn't work.”

Having joined the team here in Thunder Bay, Shayn’s taken on a much broader range of duties.  He reports news and sports throughout the week and especially enjoyed covering the Thunder Bay North Stars this season on their road to the Dudley Hewitt Cup.  He’s also become a welcome addition as the News Hour’s second weather anchor.

Outside the station, Shayne continues his sports obsession with hockey, rugby, baseball and exploring our lakeside areas with friends.  He also continues to hone his editing skills with his own go-pro videos.  A Montreal Canadiens devotee, Shayne also tries to make an NHL game whenever possible in the winter and MLB games in the summer.

Coming to Thunder Bay has had one drawback.  Having left his dogs with his family back in Lindsay, Ontario, Shayne is in serious need of some puppy love if you can spare it.  So if you see him, be generous.

Favourite quote: "If you're gonna be dumb at least be smart about it" - Grady S, CSM Student.

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