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Breaking up is hard to do

After 14 years of people coming back from the dead again and again and again, Supernatural is heading into its final season.  The end.  And this time, they mean it.

Supernatural follows Sam and Dean Winchester as they battle demons to save the world.  While the concept is dark, the show has also had its fair share of fun, quirky, and downright hilarious characters and episodes.  Dean mind-melded with dogs and went after a mailman.  They entered an alternate universe in which they are actors playing demon-fighting brothers for a TV show.  (Hmm.)

I’ve travelled “the road so far” with Sam and Dean since the beginning.  But in the last few seasons, the show – and the brothers – have lost their joie de vivre.  Those moments of light that make you want to go on.

So why do I keep watching?  Why can’t I let them go?

Because, as we all know, breaking up is hard to do.

I don’t have a lot of free time to dedicate to a relationship that isn’t giving back the way it once did.  But I’ve invested 14 seasons of love and loyalty for the boys.

I’ve loved them young and innocent and learning about different kinds of demons and how to kill them.  I’ve loved them possessed by angels, losing their souls, and fighting faeries.  But after all this time, they’ve changed.  And maybe, so have I.

The same thing happened with Suits.  I was intrigued by the drama about a young man who never attended law school but used his eidetic (or photographic) memory to con his way into a job at a top law firm so he could fight for the little guy.  The show was clever, fast-paced, and showed the behind-the-scenes drama and manoeuvrings of the law.

But nine seasons later, that lawyer has left the firm and the company has changed its letterhead nine times.  The remaining attorneys argue in-house politics and scream “Fix it!” at each other but doing little actually lawyering.  It’s a drag.  And yet, my yearning for a happy ending brings me back every week in its final season.

These shows are past their “sell by” date.  It’s sadly become a trend for studios to keep the once guaranteed money-makers in their schedule to balance out riskier new shows.

So Arrow’s getting an eighth and final season this fall.  But with “Olicity” no more, who cares?

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD saved us from the end of EVERYTHING last season. What’s left for next summer’s series finale?

NBC’s afterlife comedy, The Good Life is ending after season four.  But there is no end in the afterlife.  So …?

Meanwhile, season six marks the end for both Madam Secretary and How to Get Away With Murder.  But the first is now the President and the other, frankly, should just go to jail.

And there are a lot more shows that are ending this season.  Thankfully.  Because despite the unhealthy nature of these relationships, I can’t seem to quit them.