Around Town

Around Town 

Airs:    Monday to Friday 

CKPR Thunder Bay (approx. 11:55pm)

Global Thunder Bay (approx. 5:55pm and 11:25pm)

Recorded:      Wednesdays starting 12:30pm (until approx. 2pm)

Content:         A brief interview on events and programs from non-profit groups.

Host:              Fiona Gardiner

To arrange for an interview call 346-2551.


Guidelines for Appearing on Around Town

The “Around Town”” program is produced and administrated by Thunder Bay Television as a public service to our audiences and community on a strictly voluntary basis to enhance communications between the hundreds of associates, agencies, groups and organizations in Thunder Bay and the District.

Production and booking procedures are dictated by:

  • the availability of resources,
  • the high demand for access by local groups,
  • the resources available to local groups for communicating their message,
  • the provision of a diversity of information to our viewing audiences.


  1. Priority access will be given to registered Non-profit Organizations with local representation and to local voluntary Associations.
  2. Access by groups who are not, by definition, charitable, non-profit, or voluntary, will be allowed (depending upon program availability), provided that the group(s) operates a service which is of benefit to a broad cross-section of the Community.
  3. There will be limited access by individuals with commercial interests (ie. Businesses, entrepreneurs, etc.)
  4. Access will be restricted for groups who clearly advocate a position which represents one side of a controversial issue (ie. issues of abortion and capital punishment, representatives of political parties, etc.)
  5. We reserve the exclusive right of final decisions regarding access.
  6. We reserve the right to block-out “special weeks” during the calendar year which may or may not restrict access to local groups (ie. weeks devoted to Seniors, teens, or other specific categories; weeks devoted to a specific theme or topic, weeks pre-empted due to network commitments, such as Olympics, etc.).


  1. “AROUND TOWN” bookings must relate to an up-coming event on a specific date (s). or
  2. must relate to general services, public education, or information of benefit to the Community.
  3. Bookings will be accepted, from qualifying groups, on a first- come, first-served basis.
  4. Any single group or organization may have no more than one booking per calendar month (regardless of the number of committees or sub committees which the group may have).
  5. Only one person can be accommodated as a Guest.
  6. At the time of booking, you must provide:
    • The name of the group you represent.
    • The name of the Guest who will appear on the show.
    • Topic being discussed on air.
    • If discussing lotteries, please provide a Lottery License number to the Program’s Secretary.
    • The phone number/website/email you wish to appear “on screen” (if applicable).
    • Your name and the phone number of a reliable “contact person”, if other than yourself, so that telephone contact can be made prior to production.
  7. If desired dates are unavailable, a “standby list” will be maintained (by the Program Co-ordinator). Please be aware however, that “standby” Guests are called in the order they are listed and must be able to get to the Station within a half hour (if necessary).
  8. In order to provide the widest possible access, we reserve the right to request your co-operation in changing the booking schedule when extenuating circumstances dictate such action.


  1. Unless otherwise notified, tapings will occur, WEDNESDAY afternoons between 12:30p.m and 2p.m. Guests MUST be available during these times.
  2. The Program’s Secretary will call in advance, for confirmation, to remind you of your taping session, or to advise of any necessary production changes, and to confirm the time you should be at the taping session. You are welcome to bring visuals, props or pets if appropriate. However, some adjustments to the production process may be required for everyone’s comfort and production limitations.  Additional video will not be accepted as a visual for the interview.   
  3. When Guests arrive at the Station, all booking information will be verified by the Program’s Secretary.
  4. Guests not arriving by 1:00p.m. for will forfeit their booking. Persons from the “standby list” will then be called in their place.


  1. We believe that the scheduling of these Public Service programs adjacent to major Newscasts affords the widest possible exposure to local audiences.
  2. Where Newscasts must be delayed or pre-empted due to a variety of unavoidable circumstances, it will follow that “AROUND TOWN” will also be delayed or pre-empted without notice. We regret any inconvenience such occurrences may cause. We are unable to reschedule pre-empted interviews.


  1. If any local groups or organizations feel that they are disadvantaged by our policies or have suggestions which would improve access to “AROUND TOWN” they are invited to write to Thunder Bay Television, c/o Director of Programming.
  2. Any dispute or misunderstanding related to access, bookings, production, scheduling, or policies regarding “AROUND TOWN” will be settled by Thunder Bay Television.
  3. Local groups or organizations referred to under A) Access, Item #2, who do have advertising budgets are in no way restricted from access to “AROUND TOWN”. Thunder Bay Television anticipates, however, that over the term of your fiscal year, you will demonstrate fair treatment towards television (along with other media) in relation to the allocation of your total advertising budget. In most cases, your community service organization or group is already eligible for a 50% reduction of airtime costs. Our public service vehicles will continue to remain a complementary activity to your advertising campaign.