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The Thanksgiving Decoupling

Thanksgiving plans include dinner at the Wolowitz home but Sheldon is less than pleased about the location. Penny’s past comes back to haunt her.

The Viewing Party Combustion

Everyone must choose sides when a small argument between Leonard and Sheldon erupts into a heated fight during a group get-together.


Nothing Good Happens After 2am.

Keep That Under Your Gele

When Bob asks for space from his ever-present mother, Dottie doesn't take it well; Kofo attempts to enjoy the luxuries of living alone, but his new landlord, Tunde, overstays his welcome.

A New Weather Girl & A Stay At Home Coddler

Mandy gets an exciting job opportunity; Sheldon worries that he's falling behind; Georgie takes his daughter to work.

The Parking Spot Escalation

Sheldon and Wolowitz's fight over a parking spot at the university impacts the whole gang.

The Fish Guts Displacement

During a tense dinner with Bernadette's parents, Howard is hooked into going with Mr. Rostenkowski for his weekend fishing trip.

Snake Oil CC DV
2023 Premiere "Rob Riggle & Michelle Williams"

Season 10 Premiere

Five celebrities perform and one is unmasked.

Ep.301 Therapy

Astrid and James wrestle with differing opinions on how to move forward with an important decision affecting Viv.

Ep.3501 The Amazing Race Is Back

For the first time, a former team surprises racers as judges; one team member must traverse a tightrope stretched from one rooftop to another at the historic Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles before heading to their first location, Thailand.