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Reno 911!

This partially unscripted comedy brings viewers into the squad car as incompetent officers swing into action, answering 911 calls about everything from speeding violations and prostitution to staking out a drug den. Within each episode, viewers catch a "fly on the wall" glimpse of the cops' often politically incorrect opinions, ranging from their personal feelings to professional critiques of their colleagues.

Tuesday November 20 th @ 1:37 AM - Bagdad 911
Cultural differences abound when the deputies attempt to train a group of police officers from Baghdad.

Tuesday November 20 th @ 2:07 AM - The Tanning Booth Incident
The deputies rally around a fallen comrade when Dangle suffers an injury---after passing out in a tanning booth.

Wednesday November 21 st @ 1:37 AM - Strong Sister
A reporter from Strong Sister magazine wants to do a profile of single mom and officer Raineesha Williams.

Wednesday November 21 st @ 2:07 AM - Junior Runs For Office
Junior throws his hat in the ring to campaign for Commissioner for Animal Carcass Removal.

Thursday November 22 nd @ 1:37 AM - The Parade
The deputies pull out all the stops in an attempt to take first place in the Carson City parade's "Patriotic Float of the Year" contest.

Thursday November 22 nd @ 2:07 AM - Wiegel's Dad Returns
Wiegel's estranged father gets out of prison and hopes to spend time with his daughter---and go to strip clubs with her coworkers.

Friday November 23 rd @ 1:37 AM - Extradition to Thailand
Jones and Junior jump at the opportunity to accompany a suspected murderer (Patton Oswalt) on an extradition flight to Thailand.

Friday November 23 rd @ 2:07 AM - Digging with the Murderer
Jim and Raineesha try to get a convicted serial killer to reveal the locations of his victims' burials.