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The Big Bang Theory

Let us introduce you to four young and brilliant scientists who know just about everything but how to cope in the real world. There's Sheldon who is intellectually superior but can't and generally won't interact with the average person. His roommate is Leonard who is equally smart but just wants to be like everyone else -- happy and in love. Howard is an engineer who is constantly thinking of women -- who mostly ignore him. And Raj is a sweet Indian boy who's fear of women makes him mute in their presence. Enter a beautiful new neighbour named Penny who doesn't understand most of what these guys are saying but just might be able to teach them a thing or two about life ... and love.

Monday February 27 th @ 7:30 PM - The Application Deterioration
Leonard, Sheldon, and Wolowitz run into problems when they file for a patent for their infinite persistence gyroscope. Also, Penny, Amy and Bernadette give Koothrappali dating advice.

Tuesday February 28 th @ 7:30 PM - The Solder Excursion Diversion
When Sheldon's beloved laptop dies, Amy takes matters into her own hands. But Sheldon doesn't appreciate her efforts. Meanwhile Leonard and Howard are caught in a lie with the girls.

Tuesday February 28 th @ 9:00 PM - The Champagne Reflection
Sheldon retires his Fun With Flags You Tube series, while Leonard, Howard, and Raj look through the papers of a deceased colleague and Bernadette discovers what her boss really thinks of her.

Tuesday February 28 th @ 10:00 PM - The Maternal Combustion
The fur flies when Leonard's and Sheldon's mothers visit to watch the boys present their award-winning paper. Bernadette reaches her limit with Howard, Raj, and Stuart.

Wednesday March 1 st @ 7:30 PM - The Big Bear Precipitation
Sheldon, Amy, Leonard and Penny head to Big Bear and share a cabin. Meanwhile Raj interjects himself into Bernadette and Howard’s baby discussion.

Wednesday March 1 st @ 8:00 PM - The Matrimonial Momentum
After driving to Vegas to get married, Penny struggles with Leonard's confession that he kissed another girl. Also, Sheldon doesn't know how to act after Amy pushes pause on their relationship.

Wednesday March 1 st @ 8:30 PM - The Bachelor Party Corrosion
The guys’ science skills are put to the test during Leonard’s bachelor party weekend in Mexico. Also, the girls force Penny to finally tell her family that she eloped with Leonard.

Thursday March 2 nd @ 7:30 PM - The Hot Tub Contamination
Leonard and Penny must separate a quarreling Sheldon and Amy when their cohabitation does not go as planned, and Sheldon threatens to break off their relationship when Amy refuses to adhere to the bathroom schedule.

Friday March 3 rd @ 7:30 PM - The Fermentation Bifurcation
Sheldon and Bernadette stay home while the rest go to a wine tasting.

Saturday March 4 th @ 12:05 AM - The Infestation Hypothesis
Sheldon is aghast to learn the new chair in Penny's apartment was someone else's garbage. Leonard and Priya try a long-distance relationship.

Saturday March 4 th @ 8:00 PM - The Locomotion Interruption
Amy and Leonard take a surprise road trip to Arizona to retrieve Sheldon, while Penny goes on a job interview at Bernadette's company, and Howard has problems wrapping his head around Stuart's relationship with Mrs. Wolowitz.

Sunday March 5 th @ 7:00 PM - The Peanut Reaction
Penny wants to throw a surprise party for Leonard, but Sheldon's indulgence at an electronics store throws her off-track.

Monday March 6 th @ 7:30 PM - TBA