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Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds revolves around an elite team of FBI profilers who analyse the country's most twisted criminal minds, anticipating their next move before they strike again. Each member brings their own area of expertise to the table as they pinpoint predators' motivations and identify their emotional triggers in an attempt to stop them.

Wednesday June 28 th @ 10:00 PM - Seek & Destroy
The BAU team investigates a series of home invasions in upscale neighborhoods in San Diego involving casualties.

Sunday July 2 nd @ 1:05 AM - Zugswang
When her stalker kidnaps Spencer's girlfriend, the BAU works together to find her before time runs out. But first, Spencer must come clean to the team about their relationship.

Monday July 3 rd @ 1:05 AM - Magnum Opus
Reid deals with a personal loss; the team heads to San Francisco to investigate victims found in the Mission District.

Monday July 3 rd @ 10:00 PM - TBA

Wednesday July 5 th @ 9:00 PM - Surface Tension
When a bizarre hieroglyph found under a deceased homeless man’s armpit is the same from previous casualties a few years ago, the BAU is called in to investigate.

Wednesday July 5 th @ 10:00 PM - A Good Husband
The BAU team is called in to investigate when male victims are found with no way to identify them.