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Welcome to Dog River where the folks are friendly, albeit a little bit different.

Saturday February 25 th @ 6:00 AM - You've Been Great, Goodnight
A new opportunity arises that may allow Brent to follow his dreams.

Saturday February 25 th @ 6:30 AM - Hair Comes the Judge
Emma is upset when she finds out that Karen made Brent an offer he couldn't refuse, while Brent is more than happy and tells everyone in town.

Saturday February 25 th @ 7:00 AM - Dog River Dave
After insulting a customer, Brent finds himself being publically mocked on a morning radio show; the rest of Dog River thinks it's hilarious and believes that it's really Brent on the radio.

Saturday February 25 th @ 7:30 AM - Two Degrees of Separation
Oscar and Emma try to cut their heating bills by having Hank install a digital thermostat, but they find that knowing exactly what temperature it is isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Saturday March 4 th @ 6:00 AM - Just Brent and His Shadow
Lacey takes on a job shadow from the local high school, causing Brent to get one too; the two teens quickly find out that the careers they want don't necessarily want them.

Saturday March 4 th @ 6:30 AM - Demolition
Hank agrees to demolish a local barn, and wants to use dynamite on it, but Brent doesn't think this is a good idea.

Saturday March 4 th @ 7:00 AM - Jail House
Karen hits on a fun way to raise money for charity: she locks Davis in the jail cell, and won't let him out until the town donates his bail.

Saturday March 4 th @ 7:30 AM - I, Witness
A dangerous situation leads Hank to an epiphany; he decides to follow his dream to become a rodeo clown, despite the lack of rodeos in and around Dog River.