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Corner Gas

Welcome to Dog River where the folks are friendly, albeit a little bit different.

Saturday July 1 st @ 6:00 AM - R2 Bee Too
When Hank gets a robot, Davis feels the pangs of jealousy and orders one for himself; Lacey tries to broaden Brent's eating horizons, but only succeeds in turning him into a food critic.

Saturday July 1 st @ 6:30 AM - Crab Apple Cooler
Brent gets Hank into hot water when the two of them steal some apples from a neighbour's yard; Davis and Wanda find a new way to get free stuff.

Saturday July 1 st @ 7:00 AM - Happy Career Day To You
Emma somehow manages to fall into the role of substitute teacher, and asks Wanda and Karen to speak at Career Day.

Saturday July 1 st @ 7:30 AM - Get The F Off My Lawn
A windstorm changes the name of The Ruby; Wanda requires equal rights at work, leaving Brent with more problems than he'd expected; the results of a jam contest leave Oscar concerned about Emma.

Monday July 3 rd @ 6:30 PM - Road Worthy
Lacey wants to buy a new car, and asks for Brent's help, relying on his specialized knowledge gained from his job; unfortunately she only learns what not to do.

Saturday July 8 th @ 6:00 AM - You've Been Great, Goodnight
A new opportunity arises that may allow Brent to follow his dreams.

Saturday July 8 th @ 6:30 AM - TBA

Saturday July 8 th @ 7:00 AM - TBA

Saturday July 8 th @ 7:30 AM - TBA