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Corner Gas

Welcome to Dog River where the folks are friendly, albeit a little bit different.

Saturday August 26 th @ 6:00 AM - Rock Stars
Brent's guitar lessons force him to see himself in a new light, and cause Oscar some painful memories; Wanda begins writing a column for The Howler; Hank has a crisis of strength when he goes up against Emma.

Saturday August 26 th @ 6:30 AM - Shirt Disturber
Brent and Hank have a falling out after an embarrassing trip to visit a comic book author; Lacey's seconds find their way into Karen's wardrobe.

Saturday August 26 th @ 7:00 AM - Cat River Daze
Lacey tries to save the annual Dog River Days from getting the ax; Oscar has more problems than he anticipated when he tries to clear the garden of stray cats.

Saturday August 26 th @ 7:30 AM - Super Sensitive
After making one too many blonde jokes, Davis is forced to take some sensitivity training, but it doesn't take; Hank's superstitions come under fire; Wanda finds out the hard way just how much Emma does around Dog River.