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Dear Santa,

I know many people would feel it inappropriate for a grown woman to write to you, but if Americans can believe in Donald Trump as a president, I sure as figgy pudding can believe in you.

Now I could start off with a list of my good qualities.  For instance, I haven’t peeked at a single present under the tree.  Which is pretty good for someone who gets impatient peeling a Mandarin orange.  And I haven’t complained – too much – about the weather.  In fact, I can live with the cold.  Because with the limited space in my freezer, I’m usually driving around with a turkey in my backseat right about now.

But since you already know if my behaviour is deserving of your favour or not, I won’t waste any more of your time.  I will, however, remind you that adults deserve an extra boost at this time of year.  You, my friend, may have a contingent of elves at your disposal, but most of us are going it alone.

Now, it’s true I don’t have kids.  But I do have three dogs.  And every night I re-assemble my living room after the pack has their day of play while I’m at work.  I walk them regularly, pick up way more poop than should be possible from three bowels and vacuum enough hair to make another dog.  So hear me out.

I don’t want toys or money.  I’m just looking for a few minor miracles.

I’d like people to start learning more and reacting less to what they see in the media.  Perhaps then “fake news” will work its way out of our vernacular, along with the one who coined the term.

Speaking of which, I’d like news outlets to not cover every item that Trump tweets.  He used them to guarantee reputable national coverage during his election campaign despite a lack of verifiable facts, or detailed plans.  Now he uses them to distract us from his failures.  So get the media to focus on actual news.

I’d also like this winter’s new shows to be inspiring and demonstrate the good we can do together – instead of focusing on how to stop a zombie apocalypse.  One takes a little effort.  The other ignores reality entirely.  Guess which is which.

Furthermore, I’d like reality shows to be limited to baking competitions and home renovations.  Let’s be done with anything that incorporates hot-tub dates, alliances, Housewives and the Kardashians.

I’d like television studios to make more comedies.  We already know a thousand and one ways to kill someone.  That’s easy.  Making people laugh?  That takes talent.  And we’re going to need something to break the tension after The Big Bang Theory ends this spring.

Those are my wishes for 2019.  A little something for everyone.

Although on a more personal note … Thank you for bringing Nathan Fillion back to TV with that Rookie job.  But I’d still prefer him in person for New Year’s Eve.

And perhaps a bigger pooper-scooper.