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Wonder Woman's new job

Over the last couple of years, women in the media and entertainment industry have been speaking out against inequality for women.  In 2016, a network chairman was ousted for sexual misconduct and the U.S. came “this close” to its first female president.  It seemed like a good year.

And then before Christmas, Wonder Woman was fired.

Earlier this fall, the UN chose Wonder Woman to serve as an Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  This, apparently, didn’t go over well with approximately 45,000 people who signed an online petition to have the superhero removed from her post.

Now, you might be confused – as I originally was – since Wonder Woman is a fictional character.  However, this was essentially a marketing campaign to challenge female stereotypes and fight discrimination and violence against women.  Ironically, it was Wonder Woman’s stereotype that was her undoing.

Why?  She was described by protestors as a “white woman of impossible proportions … the epitome of a ‘pin-up’ girl.”

What’s wrong with a pin-up girl?  Besides being unattainable?  And those proportions?  Since when does one’s measurements dictate one’s ability to do one’s job?

She also wears a metallic bustier, short-shorts and knee-high boots, making her “an overtly sexualised image” at a time when the world is still objectifying women. True again.

Yet male superheroes have been dressing in skin-tight spandex and a codpiece for decades.  They’ve had broad shoulders that arrow down to a tiny waist and strong muscular thighs and nobody’s complained about that.

Of course, they’re covered while Wonder Woman is practically busting out of her bra.  However, women have breasts whether they’re on display or not.  Should she cover every curve as though ashamed of her body?  Is that the lesson young women should learn?  Hide before you’re objectified?

Sorry, but the President Elect has publically rated women from a four to a nine for years.  Which means the leader of American society is just as likely to degrade a woman in a burlap sack as one in a bikini.  So a costume change isn’t going to solve the problem.

But I would like to note that since Wonder Woman wears no mask, that American eagle bra may be the most effective tool to keep the villains’ eyes away from her face and protect her alter-ego identity.  Smart gal.

Besides, what is wrong with identifying as a sexual being?  When did “feminist” become synonymous with “asexual”?

Wonder Woman’s appearance does makes her a culturally insensitive role model in some parts of the world.  So obviously, this campaign would have to be selectively used.

But modernized countries should realize that Wonder Woman’s figure is only one part of the character.  She fights crime, runs fast, leaps high, and deflects bullets with her wrist-cuffs. That’s why little girls have wanted to dress up as her since 1942.  Wonder Woman kicks butt.

Besides, she’s also got the most supportive bra in town.  And as any woman will tell you, that’s something to aspire to.